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With the rise of automation powered by robotics, industries have been able to push production to the next level. Manufacturing and processing plants now have the capacity to operate 24/7 with minimal human intervention. While robots do all the heavy lifting, they still require some oversight. Wear and tear are common in any mechanism that is in a constant state of motion, and robots are no exception. Robotic machines have several moving parts that constantly work within harsh environmental conditions. As a result, they are likely to degrade or breakdown if you do not follow proper protective measures. For example,...

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The team at Thermal Control Products is looking forward to this weekend’s 55th running of the Coca-Cola 600 here in Charlotte, North Carolina. We LOVE NASCAR and can’t wait to see our favorite drivers showing off all of the hard work we’ve done behind the scenes. If you look closely, you’ll find our Industrial Heat Shields, Thermal Barriers, and Thermal Sleeving and Wraps in several of the cars. And you’ll even see some of our work on the sidelines. While our focus is on the oval track this weekend, we dug into the archives for another racing project we were...

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Discover our vast capabilities when it comes to thermal sleeve solutions. We make everything from aluminized Kevlar sleeves to Silica header wraps.

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