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Zero Clearance Questions - TCP ZC
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Other Common Questions


  • Can we have the product sent Next Day Air / faster than ground shipment?
      • Yes, we offer several shipping options.
    • I placed my order over the weekend, when will it ship?
      • Your order will be processed on Monday, and if in stock we will ship the same day.  We ship all orders received by 2:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday excluding holidays.
    • How long does it take to receive a custom-made product?  
      • Typically the lead time is 2-3 weeks.


    • What is your return policy?
      • We will typically honor refunds up to 30 days after the original order date.  
    • Can I cancel my order?
      • Cancellations made before items ship will be done at no charge to the customer except custom orders. Once the item has shipped, we will credit the original credit card.  If a tracking number has already been created the shipping cost will be nonrefundable.


    • Does Thermal Control Products accept custom orders?
      • Please contact our sales staff regarding any custom order inquiries.  Custom orders must be paid for up front and are not eligible for return or cancelation once manufacturing has begun. 
    • Can I order a custom size heat shield (or are the heat shields online my only option)?
      • Yes please contact us with your requirements.
  • Can you make a custom fit heel boot? 
      • Yes, please provide shoe size or race shoes.
  • Can I order smaller pieces of zero clearance? 
      • Even though our website offers smaller sizes, people seem to always call and ask that question.  


  • What are the terms of sale for on-line orders? 
      • We accept all major credit cards.
    • Is Sales Tax Charged?
      • Sales Tax is charged to North Carolina customers only.


  • Can I place zero clearance directly on the header?
      •  No, but we do offer products that can be placed directly on a header.  Please contact customer service with your requirements.
  • I only have a little clearance, how thick are the metal or quilted heat shields? 
      • We offer thermal solutions as thin as .001”
  • What is the shelf life of the adhesive on PSA-Aluminized Fiberglass / Zero Clearance? 
      • If stored at room temperature in a climate-controlled environment the adhesive will last 3 years.
  • What is the difference between Zero Clearance, PSA-aluminized fiberglass and Zircotec?
      • The difference between the three products is the insulating core material.  Zero Clearance offers a ¼” non-woven insulating barrier.  Zircotec offers various thicknesses of Ceramic Zirconium.  PSA Aluminized Fiberglass is best suited for reflective type applications and offers a fiberglass scrim as a supporting barrier.


  • What are the differences in the 2 types of CarbonX? 
      • Weight and thickness.
  • Can I get smaller / larger pieces of line sleeve / pyrojacket ?  
      •  Yes, our minimum size order is 36” when ordering less than 25 pieces.
  • Do you do Zircotec coating?  
      • We do not offer ceramic coatings however we do offer alternatives to ceramic coatings.
  • Can I utilize different attachment methods for heat shield installments?
      • Yes, we offer several attachment options.


  • My heels and feet are burning up in my race car, what are my best options? 
      • Start with the heat source and address the thermal issues from the exterior into the interior.  Please call customer service for heat solutions.
  • Do you have a car cover for any production vehicle?
      • We can manufacture any vehicle cover as long as the car is available to Thermal Control Products.
    • Does Thermal Control Products sponsor individuals or teams?
      • Due to Thermal Control Products extensive involvement in multiple race series and teams, we do not offer sponsorship at this time.