Kevlar Military Protection

Excessive climate conditions pose risks to our service members and their equipment. 

We specialize in technical innovations like custom protective and military-grade products. From working with Kevlar fabrics to making heat shields for planes and fleet boats, our durable designs provide maximum safety in all kinds of terrains, temperatures and environments. Our products are made with safety in mind for advanced thermal cycling and thermal mitigation applications.


Our military and defense teams need reliable products made from the highest-quality materials. We design and manufacture “rapid removal covers” for fleet boats and vehicles. These can support your operations wherever you're stationed. We also manufacture camouflaged covers to protect you and help you blend into those same environments. Regardless of the type of configuration, we can customize products specific to your applications. 

In addition, we manufacture carrying cases, medical bags and backpacks along with litter carriers to accessorize these vehicles and military medics. If you're deploying on a unique mission, you deserve the best protection

Search our inventory for our available military-grade products. Or, if you have a question, please contact us.


Military backpacks