Thermal Control Product (TCP) began with its racing roots in NASCAR, suppling premier and SFI certified safety products. From those roots we have grown to work with many different race series. 

These include:

  • IMSA, Indy and F1
  • NHRA, World Rally and Off Road Truck 
  • Vintage, Land Speed Record Holders, Motocross and many others


With NASCAR teams located in Concord or nearby Mooresville, it's no wonder we specialize in heatshield products and protective components. Things really heat up on race days.

A NASCAR engine and its brakes generate enough heat to produce glowing red hot parts such as engine headers and brake calipers thus exposing surrounding components to excessive conductive and radiant heat. Hence, racing shield products are a requirement. These can include racing shoe heel protectors, exhaust installation, transmission tunnel foot box,  SFI-certified shifter boots and throttle rod covers. Learn more about high-performance racing products.


At TCP, we know racing and mitigating excessive heat is important. With over 18 years of experience, we work closely with NASCAR and other racing industry innovators. Because we work closely with these various teams, we understand every concept of racing. And, when it comes to the design, prototype, and development of thermal insulation products, we know only the most-efficient heat shield materials will withstand putting the pedal to the metal. Hence, we work on all kinds of exhaust wraps and heat shields for the racing industry. 

A race car is an investment. Therefore, it needs protection. From the type of external covering that's applied to reducing the floor and engine temperatures, a lot of consideration goes into maintaining and optimizing these vehicles. The driver needs to stay cool and so does the vehicle and every component.


Our love for racing inspires us to keep creating high-performance, insulation and protective products.

Whether you have a streetcar or a race car, we can offer you the most durable racing products.  We offer a full line of high-quality fuel aprons, car covers, cap covers, heat shields and other race products. These can help to keep both you and your vehicle safe. If you're interested in marketing for an upcoming race (logos, signage), we also offer custom graphic design for protective covers. Learn more about our graphic design capabilities.

Products we offer for this sector include:

  • Shifter boots, window nets and fueler aprons
  • Helmet skirts, throttle rod covers and heat shields
  • Protective equipment covers and car covers