Industrial exhaust heat protection

Our origins in racing sparked an interest with anything that had an engine. Today, we work with numerous engine and equipment builders addressing convective, conductive, and radiant heat applications along with sound dampening and sound suppression solutions. 

Thermal insulation solutions are the best products to control different types of heat energy. From Silica and fiberglass cloths to exhaust sleeves, we can find the right solutions for your business needs. Our heat shields can protect fuel tanks, cabling, electronics and reduce heat emitted from exhaust systems.

At TCP, we consistently maintain the highest-quality management and quality systems possible. We work with companies that produce OEM off-highway equipment, buses, trains, boats, aircraft, backup power generation and agricultural equipment. Our TCP team has over 50 years of combined experience addressing thermal, sound and protective applications.


Types of industrial products that we work with include but are not limited to: 

  • Floor and Firewall Insulation
  • Heat shields for exhaust systems
  • Hood Insulation and DEF tank insulation
  • Protective line sleeves



When we start a  new project or job, we ensure the correct materials are used for each custom application. This helps us to provide the best experiences to our customers and provide them with unique service that can enhance the outcome of their project or product. Our dedication and commitment to helping our customers find the right results is what we're passionate about. 

Our focus as your manufacturers is to help you solve the unique problems you might have with any application. We use the most cost-effective methods available to your organization. And, we will push to meet your specific deadlines every time. Our goal is to create the custom thermal and protective solutions that your business requires. 

Creative “team” thinking and rapid problem-solving drive Thermal Control Products on a daily basis. The passion and drive from our team members significantly enhance our speed and time-to-market.

Have a question about our thermal management or protective solutions? Please contact us.