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We manufacture solutions.

From aerospace and aviation to racing and defense, Thermal Control Products (TCP) thermal insulation solutions can tackle your toughest insulation requirements. With more than 18 years of experience, we design, prototype and supply custom insulation solutions. Our knowledge and expertise working with heat-resistant applications helps us to address every challenge confidently. 

Thermal insulation materials might include: 

  • Lightweight composites, fiberglass, silica, ceramics mineral wool and cellulose
  • Foams such as closed-cell, melamine, polyamide, polystyrene and polyurethane
  • Exclusive materials like Aerogel® (for aerospace-related projects) and Pyrogel®

With vertical integrations, we can provide our customers with the most cost-efficient pricing, the best quality control and the shortest lead-times. 


Among the variety of insulating materials, choosing the right option is challenging. Each has its own unique characteristics and comparative analysis takes time. And, that’s where we can help. 

At TCP, we continuously leverage new technologies to more efficiently meet our customers’ needs. From NASA to NASCAR, whether you need a single part or personalized, custom design, our thermal insulation solutions can help you mitigate excessive heat.

Our custom thermal insulation solutions include: 

  • Extreme heat and vibration abatement in race cars
  • Quilted heat shields in aircraft to reduce noise and temperatures and ensure component functionality 
  • Spacecraft blanketing to block intense heat during spaceflights
  • Reflective and radiant thermal barriers.

With innovative, high-quality products to fit your specific budget and time-sensitive needs, let us know how Thermal Control Products can assist you!


In 2020, during Covid-19, vital healthcare products like PPE and face masks were in short supply. Available ventilators that treat critically ill patients also became scarce. To help meet demand in these unprecedented times, we constructed thermal mount barrier heat shields for use with life-saving ventilators. 

PPE and Masks

Our barriers protect sensitive components in ventilators and lower their temperature thereby increasing the useful life of these important devices. TCP's dedicated team worked diligently to ship over 40,000 units to Project V for General Motors and Ventec Life Systems. And, this isn't the first time our team came together to show support. Click here to see the TCP team in action creating barriers.

Ventilator Barriers

When the coronavirus first started spreading, the TCP team leaped into action to meet demand given the shortage of face masks. We developed a standard face mask and Johns Hopkins style face mask (using their specifications).  The mask style comes includes a dual-walled material with added grosgrain narrow fabric across the nose. It offers heightened protection and includes wire inserts to form to the face. Custom logo options are available upon request and both styles are machine washable with detergent (CDC). 

Thermal Control Products continues to increase masks and PPE production to support U.S. healthcare workers. Every effort helps to fight against the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. For more information regarding masks or other PPE products, contact us at or call 704-454-7605.   



Several factors contribute to our success. First, our inventory includes materials of superior quality. Hence, we can pass cost-savings onto our customers. Second, we utilize the latest equipment to handle every aspect of industrial fabrication. Whether you’re located across the globe or the next town over, our in-house process ensures quick and accurate turnarounds. 

Our CAD/CAM cutters and programmable sewing equipment let us work efficiently and precisely on every product we manufacture. From custom, multi-layered heat shields to ballistic nylon protective covers, we offer one of the nation’s most experienced and complete industrial fabrication resources. Our equipment, staff and inventory help us meet and exceed customer demand. 

To explore our capabilities in more detail, please give us your job requirement details for a fast quote. For accurate and reliable custom fabrications, count on Thermal Control Products. 


TCP leverages the latest manufacturing technologies to meet demand and help our customers achieve more. We automate select manufacturing equipment to eliminate human-error and resolve tedious, strenuous and time-consuming tasks. 

Our product line includes:

Our Roll Slitting Machine

This slitter converts larger, standard-sized materials into more narrow widths per our customers’ job requirements. It’s also beneficial for lowering inventory and material costs. 

Our Automated Webbing Cutters

These use high-quality cutters that allow us to cut materials with the cleanest precision. The resulting products are free of burrs, fraying and errors. 

Our Welding Machine

It creates longer-lasting products and uses heat-sealing for waterproof and airtight seals to eliminate perforated seams. The result is a seamless look, a better product life and a stronger bond for water tight applications.


Having the best industrial cutting equipment helps us maximize material yields. At Thermal Control Products, our in-house, computer numeric control (CNC) equipment includes 3 Eastman S125 Static Cutting Systems. They provide exceptional cutting performance and can punch, cut, or mark any flexible textile material. 

There are various types of textiles we commonly use on these machines. These might include Kevlar, aluminized fiberglass, flame-retardant fabrics, ceramics, water-repellent fabrics and EMI/RFI materials.




Our programmable heavy-duty industrial sewing machines are high-speed to improve workflows. With the ability to sew up to 3,500 stitches per minute, these multi-functional machines enable us to work on more diverse projects. 

Here at Thermal Control Products, we sew thermal insulation materials and equipment for various industries. A few of the industries we work with include aviation, aerospace, racing and defense. Our industrial-grade sewing machines allow us to work on denser non-wovens and heavier materials and fabrics like Kevlar. 

For heavy-duty applications Kevlar thread is commonly utilized.  Kevlar thread can hold stitching in place and are long-lasting even in extreme variant temperature conditions. 


At TCP, we offer cutting-edge CAD/CAM design services for various custom applications like textile products. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) are software programs that work in tandem when designing specific parts. 

Our team of engineers uses the most powerful software tools for manufacturing and intelligent design solutions. Whether it’s for a thermal insulation blanket, thermal heat shield, or other product, we have the capability to generate precise products.

If customers don’t have CAD drawings, our team can use a digital plotting board to create an engineered pattern from a hand generated pattern.


Thermal Control Products continuously looks for ways to improve our manufacturing capabilities. We offer a range of custom die-cutting services for different end uses. Our 88-ton, Freeman Schwabe Model DG is an effective die-cutting solution which provides custom cutting solutions at a very affordable cost. 

Our cutting machine is capable of die-cuts 60" x 66" to efficiently cut sheet materials. It’s adaptable to various feed systems and for different types of roll good materials. Furthermore, it perforates, cuts and scores a host of different materials like dense foams, silicone rubber and composite heat shields.


Building brand equity is important to differentiate your business from other brands. And, when it comes to image branding and logos, here at TCP, we have a host of colorful design options for you to explore. Maybe you’re updating your business signage. Or, perhaps you want to showcase your logo for an upcoming business or sporting event. 

Our Sunbrella Graphics System (SGS) lets us create custom design products. The SGS 100 Graphics Machine is versatile as it uses a heat and vacuum system. It bonds fabrics and graphic films together making the fabric resistant to peeling, chipping or fading. 

With this state-of-the-art system, our multicolor graphics technology ensures your graphics stay flexible, durable and long-lasting. Leverage your marketing communications and maximize your ROI.

Our customers include:

  • NASCAR Cup, NASCAR Xfinity and Truck Series
  • Rally Cars, NHRA and ARCA 
  • Legend Cars, ALMS, ALMS-GT and ALMS-LMP
  • Grand-AM Road Racing (Rolex Sports Car Series)


Whether you need protective covers, industrial heat shields, or thermal barriers, Thermal Control Products is continually leveraging new technologies to make our products even better. We’re an ISO 9001:2015 certified business and we maintain the highest quality standards possible. Simply put, Thermal Control Products makes excellent products.

If you don't see a particular manufacturing product that you need or if you have other questions not addressed here, contact us. Many businesses face unique pressures and manufacturing problems. Let’s come up with the BEST solution together!