Six Things to Consider when Selecting Thermal Insulation

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Six Things to Consider when Selecting Thermal Insulation

When manufacturing top-quality heat shield products, there are six factors to consider when selecting thermal insulation materials to ensure the best results. Top-quality insulating products such as the ones we make are an investment for the future, whatever your business goals or project objectives are.

1. Top Performance from Superior Materials

Is the product designed to work best at a particular temperature range? If it is too hot or cold, will performance be affected? This issue can be particularly acute if your company is manufacturing chemical or biological items – COVID-19 vaccines are a case in point: some of the vaccines newly developed are quite temperature sensitive and need to be manufactured and stored at particular temperatures, or they will degrade. Higher performance materials may well have a cost premium, but superior results will end up being more beneficial and cheaper in the end.

2. Noise and Temperature abatement

Following on from that, some cutting-edge applications require extreme temperature reduction and also noise abatement. These include race cars, airliners, and spacecraft, where we manufacture specialized solutions for each type of vehicle. We have used our state-of-the-art design, engineering, and fabricating machines to utilize the most efficient material for the job, which might be lightweight composites, foams, or specialist materials like ceramics used for aerospace-related projects.


3. Energy and Cost Savings

Energy costs are generally on the rise. For industrial clients, this is a significant cost of manufacturing products. By using top-quality insulation, you can make long-term cost savings on this overhead. Although insulating is an upfront outlay, it will repay the original investment many times over in cost savings over the years.

4. Emissions Reduction for a Greener Environment

Not only can you save money, but you can also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by industrial processes. This is a green measure as we should all do what we can to alleviate CO2 emissions, but it usually goes down well with employees, as well as local government and clients – who often have green commitments or targets to meet. More and more companies are pressing for the use of "eco-friendly" materials and processes. Most workplaces now have a sustainability policy, requiring moves towards more recycling and reducing emissions. Sometimes these policies mean that existing suppliers who do not meet green criteria are replaced with ”eco-friendly” vendors.

5. Boosting the Productivity of Your Workforce

Keeping your workplace temperature regulated will boost productivity. Not only will it leave satisfied employees, but your machinery and equipment will perform at optimal levels. Maintaining regulated temperatures helps ensure your equipment does not operate in extreme temperatures that could cause significant downtime for machinery repairs.

6. Safety First

Finally, an overly hot or cold environment is a breeding ground for germs and can cause health problems. An excessively warm and damp environment can produce mold or airborne spores, which can then affect your workforce's ability to make your goods.

Many hazards can be reduced by using the advanced insulating material we design for very demanding customers. In race cars, passenger aircraft, and especially in the high-oxygen atmosphere of spacecraft, fire is a very serious hazard that can spread fast. Our state-of-the-art fire retardant materials can ensure that this terrible threat is reduced to a minimum.

Whatever industry or business sector you are situated in, from aerospace and aviation to racing and defense, Thermal Control Products (TCP) thermal insulation solutions can tackle your most demanding insulation requirements. We have more than 18 years of experience: we design, prototype, and supply custom insulation solutions for the most challenging of clients with cutting-edge projects. Our knowledge and expertise working with heat-resistant applications helps us surmount every challenge confidently.