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When the heat is literally on in professional car racing, are you ready? While most people focus on power, fewer consider how the heat produced by the engines and brakes affect a race car's safety and performance. Utilizing high-quality thermal control solutions is vital to professional car racing and other motorsports. The heat generated from the engine, gearbox, and brakes can result in permanent damages. Not to mention, the red hot parts can expose surrounding components to excessive conductive and radiant heat. This can change how a car behaves, causing performance or power losses and safety issues. As such, thermal...

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"Highest Reviewed from September 24, 2013"  Here at Thermal Control Products, we create high quality custom heat shields. Every heat shield created is customized to your specifications with the highest quality standards (View information on our ISO Certification).  Before we, at Thermal Control Products, Inc., create your custom heat shield, we take the following design parameters into account:  Type of Heat Environment Thermal Control Products, Inc. takes into account what type of environment your customized heat shield will be exposed to. Will the custom heat shield be utilized in a radiant heat application?  Will your customized heat shield be utilized...

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