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Top Thermal Barrier Products

Today we are discussing three specific types of thermal barrier products that we offer. Each thermal barrier product is unique to its own specific application. 

1) ZeroClearance


These heat shields are made with a very advanced material. Unlike traditional thermal and acoustical metal shields, the ZeroClearance shields are made from high performance aluminum sheeting. This material is mechanically needle-punched. For placement, it has a unique, high temperature and pressure sensitive adhesive on its back. There are many features and advantages of the ZeroClearance shield. It is not only light weight, but can easily be formed into place, making this very effective in limited spaces. 


Some applications ZeroClearance can be used on include: Fuel tanks, fuel tank systems, tunnel shields, floor pans, exhaust systems, transmissions, steering components, fluid lines, rubber mounts and axle bushings


Learn more about ZeroClearance shields by clicking here.


2) Gold Foil


This unique thermal barrier can reflect up to 675 degrees of radiance heat for up to 8 hours. It also has a continuous operating temperature of 400 degrees. One of the main benefits to using Gold Foil is that it can easily be cut and then formed per your specific application. It is very easy to install and removal is just as simple. Our Gold Foil is a fire resistant pressure sensitive adhesive with a fiberglass backing fort optimal strength and tear resistance.


Some applications Gold Foil can be used for include: tunnel shields, heat tanks, and body shields


Learn more about Gold Foil thermal barriers by clicking here.


3) Radiant Heat Barrier Blanket


With in-car floor temperatures on the rise, we have developed a High Temperature Floor Insulator specifically designed to dramatically minimize in-car floor temperatures. This thermal barrier is a floor insulation made of lightweight material. It is very pliable and is available in sheets (4 ft. x 6 ft). Per your specific team requirements, we can custom develop and shape a Radiant Heat Barrier Blanket for your in-car floor insulation. What makes this product unique is that it is comprised of 3 layers of foil, with an additional 2 layers of insulating non-woven material that has then been "sandwiched" between the foil. 


Learn more about Radiant Heat Barrier Blanket by clicking here.


Thermal Control Products, a leader in thermal protection and heat management, is an innovative company. Here, TCP is continuously developing new ideas and thermal barrier protection products to exceed industry standards. Get started today and know what it is like to be protected by Thermal Control Products custom fit thermal solutions by clicking here to contact us.