Thermal Control Products Owner Colleen Matte, Joins NASCAR Legends in Raleigh

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Thermal Control Products Owner Colleen Matte, Joins NASCAR Legends in Raleigh

It was a sunny day in Raleigh, NC when eight NASCAR legends were honored by the North Carolina House of Representatives, Senate, and Governor Pat McCrory.  Thermal Control Products’ own Colleen Matte was there as part of her work with the North Carolina Motorsports Advisory Council. The council recommends policy and program initiatives to protect, strengthen, and expand the motorsports industry in North Carolina.

Jack Ingram, Junior Johnson, Dale Inman, Ned Jarrett, Dale Jarrett, Rusty Wallace, Richard Childress, and Bobby Allison were some of the highly acclaimed NASCAR legends that met with legislators throughout the state in Raleigh that evening. If you look at the clip from fox news, you’ll see Colleen at frame 1:14. But look closely! Things moving quickly-- just like back in the shop at Thermal Control Products.


What do these NASCAR legends and Colleen have in common? Aside from a passion for the racing sport, they share a commitment to building a strong team. Allowing each member of a team to excel in their individual role makes the entire team stronger. Colleen is no stranger to the business of NASCAR. She founded Thermal Control Products in 2003 with a vision of providing better products to many of the NASCAR teams that she was well acquainted with.

Colleen built her team with careful consideration. “Every person at TCP has an important job. We work together to provide our customers with a winning solution.” With a hand-selected group of master craftsmen, engineers, designers, and tailors, the team at Thermal Control Products reinvent not only the products they are tasked with creating, but also the manufacturing process.

Whether it is protective covers, industrial heat shields, or thermal barriers, the team at Thermal Control Products is continually looking for ways to make better products. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified business, they maintain the highest quality management and assurance systems possible. Simply put, Thermal Control Products makes excellent products by excellent people.