Heat Shields, NASCAR -

The Importance of Heat Shields ad NASCAR, Professional Racing Industry

Most people do not know it, but heat shields are used often in NASCAR sports, as well as other motorsports, and are actually one of the main components required for safety. During the recent Bank of America 500 race, there were several incidents -- from blown engines to an accident involving JJ Yeley and other events that waved the caution flag out. 

Automobile engines, especially NASCAR engines, can produce a tremendous amount of heat during a race. This would be a threat to the safety of the car and the driver in certain situations where accidents or incidents can occur. The heat shields used in NASCAR essentially reduce the high cockpit temperatures that create driver fatigue; this is what you call Exhaust Heat Management. Thermal Control Products provides the best in custom and quality heat shields for all industries, including motorsports and professional racing. Their heat shields importantly protect vital components from soaking the heat that pass near the components and the driver themselves. The heat shields considerably lessen the danger by effectively dissipating, reflecting or just absorbing the heat.

Protection to the driver from excessive heat is also assisted by a fire-retardant suit and underclothes which are compulsory for them to wear during races. The suits, apart from protecting the driver, also allow people to identify the driver. Protection for the driver is further enhanced by wearing fire-proof gloves and shoes and a heat shield placed on the sides and bottom of the shoes. The heat produced by the engines can be highly unpleasant and significantly make it uncomfortable for the drivers. Heat shields also increase power by considerably reducing the under the bonnet temperatures.

Thermal Control Products has been providing custom and quality heat shields to the motorsports and professional race industry for years. They are a well trusted and known name in heat shields, and have the ability to custom and address any thermal management requirement. Just in the professional racing industry alone, there are several types of heat shields that are used to facilitate heat management. Each type is very effective in its own way. Heat shields are widely preferred for heat management because they are easy to fit, lightweight and offer low cost solutions.

In earlier times, rigid steel was used for this purpose but technology and data advancement has led to flexible aluminum for heat shields. With the introduction of ceramic thermal barrier coating applied on flexible aluminum, thermal insulation properties have appreciably increased. A similar process is applied on composite materials to integrate into Formula 1 race cars that require intense performance.

Overall heat shields used in NASCAR assume greater importance because they offer comprehensive protection for the drivers who drive these machines at great velocity and the heat shields will also increase the performance of the engine. Thermal Control Products provides custom fit solutions for any industry, including motorsports and professional racing teams. As a well trusted and known name, we can provide a custom fit solution that does not only meet your requirements, but exceeds them as well.