TCP Named Exclusive North America Zircoflex Distributor

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TCP Named Exclusive North America Zircoflex Distributor

Thermal Control Products has been named the exclusive ZircoFlex® distributor for North America. As a solution orientated business, Thermal Control Products provides a variety of thermal and heat solutions for all types of industries. ZircoFlex is revolutionary heat shield material that will allow Thermal Control Products to provide additional heat solutions to all industries across the board, including motorsports, industrial and commercial.

ZircoFlex® is a revolutionary, flexible, aluminum backed ceramic heat shield material. Patented by Zircotec, this flexible heat shield can be folded through 180 degrees, even when in self-adhesive form. It is extremely thin and lightweight. This material offers superior thermal barrier performance all while maintaining a minimal weight and minimal thickness.

Thermal Control Products is also an ISO 9001:2008 certified business. This certification is only awarded to businesses that maintain the highest quality management and assurance systems possible. With a diligent, hand-selected team of master craftsmen, engineers, designers and tailors, Thermal Control Products has perfected their manufacturing process from start to finish.

Ready to learn more about the solutions ZircoFlex® can provide your application? As a specialist in heat management, Thermal Control Products creates custom designed thermal and protective components. Click here to contact us today.