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Product Offerings from Thermal Control Products

Used to protect the various components of the internal combustion engine, heat shields safeguard against extensive heat damage - either dissipating, reflecting or absorbing the heat.They are commonly used on most engines to protect parts and framework from potential or documented damage. High quality heat shields, such as the ones sold by Thermal Control Products, also reduce the temperature of under-the-hood performance.

There are several types of heat shields available through Thermal Control Products. Quilted Heat Shields offers an “oven-mitt” for your exhaust system that uses a quilting technique that builds multiple layers of high-temperature fabric and ceramic non-woven insulating composites. These are custom manufactured to exceed the demands of your application.

Thermal Control Products also manufactures Stainless Steel Heat Shields to act as a thermal barrier between a high heat source and a component that is sensitive to heat. These are typically made from thin, embossed stainless steel incorporating a ceramic core to further enhance their insulating values.

Additional product lines include Thermal Barriers, which are available in three different constructions. Zeroclearance®  is a embossed aluminum with a blended fiberglass and polyester core with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) release liner for ease of application.  Zircoflex®  is a lightweight, thin aluminum sheet that is plasma sprayed with ceramic and offers a 3M™  PSA release liner. For those tight-fit applications protecting plastic components, Thermal Control Products also offers TPC-115, a thin sheet of aluminized fiberglass with a PSA release liner. All of these products can be offered in sheet form, die cut, or CNC cut, to your specifications.

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