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As summer heats up, let us help you keep cool.

Based in Charlotte, right next to Charlotte Motor Speedway, we always look forward to the excitement that surrounds each race. After all, there are always products from our team helping the NASCAR teams perform better in the intense heat of the car. Jay Pennell of Fox Sports, caught up with Rookie, Justin Allgaier for some insights into the rigors of heat and the track.

"It's amazing how hot it is inside these cars," Allgaier said. "That's more of it than the physical side. When you get done with a race, your muscles aren't sore. You're just so hot and exhausted because of the heat.

"I heard a long time ago ... they used to drive around in the summer with their windows up and the heater on," he said, channeling NASCAR Hall of Famer Bobby Allison. "I tried that when I was younger, and it actually works. You're going to be miserable when you're doing it, and you better not be going anywhere, because you're going to be sweating like crazy. But it's amazing what the heat training is and how important it is to making it 600 miles."

See the entire article here: (http://msn.foxsports.com/nascar/story/true-test-for-sprint-cup-rookies-racing-600-miles-is-a-challenge-052414)

We recommend more advanced ways to keep the drivers cool but always listen to what each driver needs to stay the most comfortable in the extreme heat of the cars. . We provide several of the teams with products like Heel Protectors, Exhaust Heat Shields and Thermal Barriers. All great products that protect the drivers and let them focus on the race. To do this, we stay on the cutting-edge of motorsports technology but have the space and resources to manufacture for many other industries. Founded in 1994, Thermal Control Products maintains the highest quality of manufacturing on every application we create. We have a hand-selected team of master craftsmen, engineers, designers, and tailors hard at work in our 12,000 square foot facility.


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The race teams have moved on to their next challenge, call us to help solve yours. Let us help you with a better design or custom products. Together we’ll score a win.