Heat Shields, Industrial Heat Shields -

High Performance Heat Shields and Specific Applications

Here at Thermal Control Products, we manufacture many different thermal and protective components for all types of businesses, industries and applications. Today, we are going to discuss specific Heat Shield applications. In each of these applications, custom heat shields have become a necessity when addressing thermal environments.

Heat shields designed and manufactured by Thermal Control Products provide a custom solution for your thermal requirement. Designed properly, heat shields can ensure proper temperature performance, improve endurance and longevity to surrounding components and enhance safety regarding temperature drop for cabin and cockpit occupants.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicle applications require specific thermal barriers and materials that offer high performance at minimal weights and thicknesses. Our custom heat shields are perfect for any commercial vehicle application, whether the requirement needs to contain heat, reflect heat, or to protect surrounding components from a heat source, Thermal Control Products Can provide a solution for your commercial vehicle application. Let us help protect your sensitive components with our thermal protection solutions - click here for more information.

Heavy Duty Industrial 

We provide many different thermal protective solutions for Heavy Duty Industrial applications. From Multi-layered removable Heat Shields (links to product) to Turbo Charger Covers (links to protect), to stainless steel heat shields, and various thermal barriers, let us provide the custom solution that resolves your application. Learn more about our Heavy Duty Industrial solutions here

Racing and Motorsports

As a leading provider of custom heat shield solutions for the racing and motorsports industry, we provide custom fit solutions with a wide array of products. From throttle rod covers to Thermal Barriers solutions and more, let us be your custom fit solution for all of your racing and motorsports thermal protective needs. 

By utilizing cutting edge technology and materials, we are able to design and manufacture the best quality heat shields and thermal protective solutions. Thermal Control Products is also an ISO 9001:2008 certified business, which confirms our commitment to high quality standards, management and assurance systems. From design, assembly and to distribution, all of our products and custom designed components are held to the highest degree of the standard.

Regardless of your thermal protection requirement, our engineers can easily develop and implement a high performance solution that will not just meet, but exceed, your needs and requirements. Contact us today for more information.