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Change for the 2015 SFI Window Net

Per the 2015 NASCAR rule book section Driver Window Net

Section C – Window Nets must not be used beyond 2 years of DOM, Date of Manufacture”. Definition - There is currently no process or documented procedure concerning recertification of window nets. Window Nets with a DOM of 2012 or January 2013 must be replaced for the February 2015 Daytona race.

Section E – In addition, there is to be no attachment of the window net webbing to the “B” pillar post, this is to assist in proper operation of the window net hardware and ease of exit for the driver.

A Post Nets are not SFI certified. The nets are labeled per NASCAR with a TCP tag and dated with a manufacturing date. The nets have currently no expiration date unless the specification changes from NASCAR.

If you have any questions please refer to the 2015 NASCAR Rule book or contact Thermal Control Products.