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Assembly and Attachment Heat Shields and Thermal Barriers

Thermal Control Products specializes in thermal protection and heat shields. By creating custom fit solutions for specific applications, TCP has become a leader in the thermal management and the thermal protection industry. (Learn more about our custom fit solutions here.)

Today, we are discussing various methods of “assembly and attachment”, concerning heat shields and thermal barriers.

1) Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Thermal Control Products offers an array of Thermal Barrier type products that utilize a Pressure sensitive adhesive as a method of attachment for assembly purposes. The vast majority of products utilize an acrylic adhesive, in which, the adhesive performance offers a continuous temperature rating of 175 degrees Fahrenheit. These products can be purchased in sheet form or be engineered into a specific shape by Thermal Control products operating our CNC cutting process or our Steel Rule die cutting process, please contact us for further details. These products include, Zero Clearance, Ziroflex, TCP-115- PSA Aluminized fiberglass, and gold foil. In addition, Thermal Control Products has created a special high temperature aluminized tape that offers a Silicone based adhesive in which the adhesive performs at 250 degrees Fahrenheit continuous. Learn more about these products by clicking here.

2) Mechanical Attachments

Thermal Control Products utilizes many methods to assemble and mount our U.S.A. produced, quilted and non-quilted heat shields to high temperature components. The process of selection of attachment method can be influenced by the end users assembly process, dictated by the applications end use environment, or simply recommended by Thermal Control Products once an evaluation of the application has been reviewed. Mechanical attachments can include Stainless steel wire and hooks, Stainless steel tie wraps with channels or “d” rings, and Stainless Steel Snaps. Another method, albeit less popular is stainless steel zippers.


3) Hook and Loop

Hook and Loop is a very popular method of assembly/closure in which the end user will have to perform frequent maintenance on a component being protected by a Thermal Control Products heat shield. This method assures the heat shield will be correctly assembled onto the component with ease of reassembly and the peace of mind knowing in advance that the reassembly will not require any additional tools or additional mechanical attachments.


Thermal Control Products, a leader in thermal protection and heat management, is an innovative company. Here, TCP is continuously developing new ideas and thermal barrier protection products to exceed industry standards. Get started today and know what it is like to be protected by Thermal Control Products custom fit thermal solutions by clicking here to contact us.